Video Tape Transfer

Video Tape Transfer 

We provide trusted Video Tape Transfer for all formats. Transfer video from VHS, camcorder tapes and more to DVD, Thumb Drive and memory card for safe keeping and ease of access. Using the latest technology we are able to enhance the clarity of video and audio for superior viewing pleasure. Video Tape Transfer

Video Tape Transfer

VHS and other outdated formats age progressively with use. The more you watch those treasured moments, the shorter the life and quality of the tape. VHS players are growing harder to find and even if you have one around there’s no guarantee that it will last forever.

Video transfer preserve the playability of your video on the largest supported digital format in existence.   Transferring to DVD’s, Thumb Drives and Memory cards is the best way to preserve your video memories.  

  Supported Video Tape Formats
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • S-VHS
  • Digital 8
  • BetaMax
  • MiniDV/HDV
  • Mini DVDs
  • Hi-8 – 8mm tape
  • 8mm/16mm movie film (click here)
  • Memory Cards
  • Flash Drive
  • And All Professional Media*


Video Tapes to DVD & Blu Ray
Up to 60 minutes $14.50
Up to 120 minutes $17.50
Up to 120 minutes $24.50 (blu ray)
We will combine tapes at no extra charge.

In addition to transferring your tapes to DVD you may also want to consider transferring your
videos to a usb thumb drive or memory card. Digital files loaded on thumb drives and memory cards
can be used for viewing, editing and as a master backup. SD cards resists damage due to water, temperature, X-rays and shock.

Video Tapes to Thumb Drive & Memory Card
8gb USB Thumb drive – $15.00
8gb Micro/SD card – $12.00

Video Tape Repair


Professional media Call for pricing*

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