Digital video transfer to DVD

Digital video transfer to DVD

Digital Videos to DVD, Blu-Ray & USB

Digital videos are fun to capture, but difficult to share and save.

Let us backup and create your video files so you can enjoy on your TV and give you peace of mind    

Digital video transfer to DVD

Accepted Media

  • Compact Flash & SD Cards
  • Sony Memory Stick
  • Smart Media
  • XD Picture Card
  • Smart Phone
  • All other memory cards and flash drives
  • Up to 90 minutes of digital video
    from one media source

per DVD
  • Personalized DVD
  • DVD Chapter Menu
  • Standard DVD
  • online viewing available
Blu Ray HD
per DVD
  • Personalized Blu-Ray DVD
  • DVD Chapter Menu
  • Shoot in HD. Watch in HD
  • online viewing available

In addition to transferring your digital files to DVD you may also want to consider transferring your videos to a usb thumb drive.  Files loaded and thumb drive can be used for viewing, editing and as a master backup. We will provide a 8gb sandisk usb thumb drive and also transfer your files for $15.00.

media transfer

Additional Copies

  • Standard Definition – $4.00
  • Blu-Ray – $7.00
  • 8 GB Thumb Drive – $15.00

Digital video transfer to DVD and Blu-ray