Movie Film Transfer

Movie Film Transfer Service

8mm & 16mm movie film transfer service of Kansas City uses state of the art techniques to provide a better viewing experience. We transfer each reel of film one at a time while removing leaders and bad spots. Picture brightness is adjusted and we make any other necessary improvements to deliver you the greatest viewing pleasure possible using a modern entertainment center.

Movie Film Transfer Service

Movie Film Transfer Service.  Movie film breaks,  kinks, flickers and fades. Repairing film without professional equipment is almost impossible to do. Projectors jam easily and are difficult to load. Replacement parts and projector lamps are expensive and hard to find. Let us transfer your 8mm or 16mm movie film to DVD so you can watch your memories forever. 8mm & 16mm film transfer 
8mm & 16mm Film Reels Size
Movie Film transfer service
  • 8″ = up to 600 feet of film
  • 9 3/4″ = up to 800 feet of film
  • 10 1/2″ = up to 1200 feet of film


Movie Film to DVD
.18 per foot
DVD with printing & Case
Opening and Closing Titles
Add music $15.00
No Hidden Charges!

Movie Film to Thumb Drive & Memory Card
8gb Thumb Drive – $15.00
8gb SD Card -$12.00

In addition to transferring your movie film to DVD you may also want to consider transferring your
films to a usb thumb drive or memory card. Digital files loaded on thumb drives and memory cards
can be used for viewing, editing and as a master backup.  SD cards resists damage due to water, temperature, X-rays and shock.

Movie Film Transfer Service